The Reconstruction of Religious

The true infinite does not exclude the finite; it embraces the finite without effacing its finitude, and explains and justifies its being Source: Microsoft Word – The Reconstruction of Religious.doc – The Reconstruction Of Religious Thought In Islam.pdf

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Nothing is as old as the truth, and nothing is as new as the truth. Man’s desire to search for something traditional, for something original, and man’s desire for something new – all these tendencies can be satisfied in the knowledge of truth. Source: Hazrat Inayat Khan

Growth of Man – like Growth of Nature Poem by Emily Dickinson

Growth of Man – like Growth of Nature –

Gravitates within –
Atmosphere, and Sun endorse it –
Bit it stir – alone –

Each – its difficult Ideal
Must achieve – Itself –
Through the solitary prowess
Of a Silent Life –

Effort – is the sole condition –
Patience of Itself –
Patience of opposing forces –
And intact Belief –

Looking on – is the Department
Of its Audience –
But Transaction – is assisted
By no Countenance –

Source: Growth of Man – like Growth of Nature Poem by Emily Dickinson – Poem Hunter

The constructal law of design and evolution in nature

Constructal theory is the view that (i) the generation of images of design (pattern, rhythm) in nature is a phenomenon of physics and (ii) this phenomenon is covered by a principle (the constructal law): ‘for a finite-size flow system to persist in time (to live) it must evolve such that it provides greater and greater …


Saudi Aramco World : The Tiles of Infinity

Robert Irwin writes in his study of Islamic art, such patterns may have been viewed “as exteriorized representations of abstract, even mystical, thought”—aiming to inspire contemplation or to make a statement about the imponderable harmonies of a divinely ordered universe. Source: Saudi Aramco World : The Tiles of Infinity