Adrian Bejan: “Growth Is Not Evolution” | Suzan Mazur

“I’m not an artist now, I’m a physicist, one who is at ease with images and the fact that science is images. Geometry is images or figures or relations between figures. Mechanics requires pictures that move.”

“In your book, The Origin of Life Circus: A How To Make Life Extravaganza, you interview Rockefeller University physicist Albert Libchaber, who said life is geometry because geometry is physical. I wrote down this line because this is correct. And geometry is macroscopic. Geometry you see it and you pick up a pencil and you draw it. It has nothing to do with chemistry or genes. Zero.”

“I agree with Branscomb to the extent that for anything to move, anything to flow, it must be driven. This is the reason why in my statement of the constructal law I used the word “imposed.” That word imposed means driven, dictated, pushed, pulled.”

“Everywhere I look, I see phenomena that confirm the constructal law, phenomena that tell me and my students that life is physics. That evolution is also a physics phenomenon. Evolution has direction, therefore it is not random. Again, as an educator, I can also tell people what knowledge is and what information is not.”

Source: Adrian Bejan: “Growth Is Not Evolution” | Suzan Mazur